Photo: Bloomberg

The 450 DUO, designed as a high torque, field friendly 4-1/2” drill pipe connection, has been successfully deployed and inspected in the Permian Basin of West Texas, the world’s largest and most productive shale basin.

The strings of Range 3 pipe were manufactured with 450 DUO connections (5.500” x 3.000” tool joints) and deployed to a series of rigs for a large operator. Operated at a makeup torque of 35,000 ft-lbs, the 450 DUO was then inspected by a third party in the region.

Inspection of the 2700 total connection ends resulted in an overall machine shop repair rate of 1.5%, with over 89% of ends still found within machine shop manufacturing tolerances. Complete Group and its client were impressed with these preliminary results for the 450 DUO, and will report further results upon subsequent use.

For a more in-depth discussion and details visit our case study on the development of the DUO connection.