Complete Group is proud to have contributed to the record 8,510m TD well drilled by the Shell Canada and PD #574 teams in northern Alberta’s Duvernay formation, through the use Complete Group’s 480 DUO connection and 4-3/4” custom drill string. The Canadian record setting well was drilled in 79.89 bit hours, with the build and lateral completed in a single run.

This was the first deployment of the 480 DUO drill string which was developed in concert with Star Valley Oilfield Services (SVOS) to meet the unique demands of Shell Canada’s operations. With over 40,000m of drilling on the string, early inspection results have been exceptional, and we look forward to seeing what future records this string can accomplish. Full report can be viewed here.

The 480 DUO is manufactured with ultra-slim tooljoints (5.625” x 3.750”) and features a recommended makeup torque of 25,500 ft-lbs. The connection has exhibited exceptional handling capabilities and required less than ~2% machine shop thread repairs.

For a more in-depth discussion and details visit our case study on the development of the DUO connection.