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Drill Tubular

Utilizing broad industry experience in drilling, material sciences and advanced manufacturing, Complete Tubular Products (CTP) is creating products that meet and exceed the evolving needs of the industry. We are driving the tubular market forward through our innovative proprietary connections and drill pipe, our improved material selection and qualification, and our global support network and leading-edge inventory.

Multi taper drill pipe connection - DUO

Drill Accessories

We offer:

  • Common use: top drive saver sub, crossover sub, casing sub etc.
  • Handling: pickup sub, lift nubbin, pup joint, etc.
  • Circulation: circulating sub, blow down sub, side entry sub, etc.
  • “Check Valve”: bit sub, float sub, kelly cock, Inside BOP, etc.
  • Other: drift, pipe tub, sub basket
Top Drive Saver Sub

Top Drive Saver Sub(Slick)

Top Drive Saver Sub(Belled)

Top Drive Saver Sub serves as a sacrificial element between the top drive and drill string.
Config: Pin x Pin, Box x Pin are most commonly seen
Dimension can be customized to suit the rig needs.
Other features like keyway slots, belled or slick design, etc.

Crossover Sub

Crossover Sub(Slick)

Crossover Sub is used to crossover different connections or sizes in the drill string; or used as a sacrificial element.
Config: Box x Pin, Pin x Pin, Box x Box.
OD & ID usually as per connection size in the drill string. Length can be customized, or built to API 7-1 at 36” OAL or DS-1 at 48” OAL.
Sick or Belled(Fishneck).

Casing Sub

Casing Sub

Casing Sub is used to crossover drill pipe connection to casing connection for completion operation.
Box(drill tubular) x Pin(casing) is the most common configuration.
Slick or Fishneck. Pin will be hollowed out for easy handling.

Pickup Sub

Pickup Sub

Pickup Sub is used for lifting drill string components with the elevator.
Top Cap x Pin configuration.
The top cap and shank are usually made the same size as drill pipe tool joint and tube, they match the elevator size. The tool joint and connection can be different as per string/accessories need to be picked up.

Pup Joint/Drillable Pickup Sub

Pup Joint & Drillable Pickup Sub
Pup Joint/Drillable Pickup Sub is used for lifting drill string components with the elevator; it can also be used in downhole drilling with other downhole components.
Box x Pin are mostly seen.
Length can range up to 20 – 30ft.

Blow Down Sub & Circulating Sub

Kelly Blown Down Sub

Blow Down Sub is used to pump fluid into the drill string.
Hammer Union x Box, one piece design; or we can do NPT/LP box x Box, the operator can use it with a nipple joint.

Circulating Sub

Circulating Sub is used to pump fluid into drill string.
Hammer Union x Pin, one piece design; or we can do NPT/LP box x Pin, the operator it can use with the nipple joint.

Lift Nubbin

Lift Nubbin is used for lifting drill string components with the handle on top.
Lift Handle x Pin or Box.
Pull-tested to ensure integrity.
Made from cast steel or milled steel billet.

Side Entry Sub (Integral)

Side Entry Sub(Integral)

Side Entry Sub is used to pump fluid into the drill string.
Box x Pin with Hammer Union on the side, integral turned from one piece, hydraulic tested at 15,000psi.

Bit Sub & Float Sub

Bit Sub(Slick)

Bit Sub(Fishneck)

Bit Sub is used to house the float(check valve) on top of the drill bit to prevent the backflow
Box x Box configuration, the bottom box connected to the drill bit will have a float bore.
Sick or Belled (Fishneck).

Float Sub

Float Sub is almost the same as bit sub but with a Box x Pin configuration with the float bore adjacent to the box.

Lower Kelly Cock (Valve) & Inside BOP(Valve)

Lower Kelly Cock (Valve)Lower Kelly Cock is located within the drill string allows for free passage of drilling fluid without pressure loss and is specifically designed for effective control of blowouts and/or mud loss control.

Inside BOP(Valve), IBOP

Inside BOP(Valve) is used to control backflow from high-pressure formations through the drill string back to the surface when joints are added. It also allows for downward fluid circulation within the drill string.


Drift - UHMW

Drift is used to run through drill tubular & accessories to ensure the ID clearance and/or straightness.
Made from UHMW .

Bar Material

4145H MOD

Stock Size:

  • Solid Bar: 3″ to 14″OD
  • Collar Bar: 5″ to 12″OD w/2″ to 3″ID

Meets and exceeds API 7-1 requirements

Mechanical Properties
≤ 8 5/8"
> 8 5/8"
Yield Strength
130 - 150 Ksi
120 - 140 Ksi
Tensile Strength
> 150 Ksi
> 140 Ksi
> 15%
> 13%
Reduction of Area
> 45%
> 50%
Avg/Single Charpy-V at 20ºC
> 40/35ft-lbs
> 40/35ft-lbs
Avg/Single Charpy-V at -20ºC
> 35/28ft-lbs
> 35/28ft-lbs
285 - 365 HB
285 - 365 HB

4330V MOD

Stock Size:

  • Solid Bar: 3″ to 9″OD

For the demanding needs of downhole tool today

Mechanical Properties
Yield Strength
150 - 180 Ksi
Tensile Strength
> 165 Ksi
> 14%
Reduction of Area
> 45%
Avg/Single Charpy-V at 20ºC
> 45/40ft-lbs
Avg/Single Charpy-V at -20ºC
> 31/24ft-lbs
321 - 338 HB

Other Material and Services

  • 4130/4140, L80/P110
  • Non-Magnetic
  • Full MTR traceability
  • Saw cut to length
  • Drill to size
  • Mill run on demand

Complete Tubular Products(CTP) offers direct-from-mill material supply, globally sourced to ensure premium quality at competitive pricing. Meeting or exceeding typical oilfield requirements such as NACE MR0175, API 5CT, API 7-1, API 6A, NS-1 etc…

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