Case Studies

Strong industry relationships and experienced engineering support have provided unique, application specific solutions for Complete Group clients.


Project Overview:

Through years of experience and interaction with clients, Complete Group came to the realization that a clear trend existed in the rotary shouldered connection market: a direct and undisputable tradeoff between torsional capability and field handling.

In early 2016, Complete Group’s Engineering team began the journey of developing a connection that could bring together the best parts of both, with none of the drawbacks of either. The concept of eliminating this design compromise between torque and handling performance resulted in a number of initial design concepts including unique threadform and threading techniques and an industry-old concept of stepped thread diameters, until settling on an innovation that had never been seen: multiple tapers on a single connection.

The design was prototyped multiple times with 3D printing technology to verify that the concept would demonstrate the field handling characteristics that were so highly sought after; however this concept simply had two separate threads with differing tapers, as it was unclear how to combine two tapers into one thread while avoiding interference upon makeup. The true vision was a single, continuous, load-sharing, robust thread; a connection that looked benign, but possessed performance rivalling the highest torque connections on the market, while at the same time demonstrating handling capabilities matching (and in some cases exceeding) the most field-friendly connections available.

With the design assembled, extensive testing and performance analysis was performed on dozens of variants of prototype connections. Both in-house and external sources were utilized to ensure the connection behaved exactly as intended. The results have been phenomenal and the response from the industry has been nothing short of positive; the true vision has been realized today: one thread, two tapers, zero compromise.

PDC Coreheads

Project Overview:

Client required accelerated production of PDC corehead bits, which due to complex geometry, required 5-axis milling. Using the Mazak Variaxis and Complete Manufacturing Services’ expertise, were able to produce bit (from purchase order to downhole ready) in 1 week. No printed drawings were required, with 5-axis CNC programming being generated directly from original 3D CAD model.

Delta Hydraulic Perforator (DHP)

Client: 17,000 installed and activated tools

Project Overview:

Gap in market required the development of an original Frac-port in-house alongside customer. DHP required a customized testing and QA/QC program to be developed, using statistical destructive testing to ensure product performed within ± 5.0% of target operating parameters. The result is the most versatile and economic zonal access tool on the market with custom opening pressures ranging from 24 to 33 MPA.

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