Performance Tables

Performance Tables

The Complete Group Performance Tables provide easy access to critical Connection and Tube performance properties at the dimensions and materials of your choice. If the options you require are not visible below or you require a PDF copy of a drill pipe or HWDP performance datasheet, please use the Contact page to reach out.

The information contained below is for reference use only. It is not intended to imply any explicit recommendation regarding processes, procedures, or performance of the end product. It is the responsibility of the end user to verify and determine the appropriate use of the technical information – no expressed or implied warranty by Complete Group is intended.

Connection Performance

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It is recommended that drilling torque not exceed 80% of the makeup torque, however it is the responsibility of the end user to determine the acceptable use of the end product including appropriate performance ratings and safety factors where applicable. All connection torque calculations have been performed using a thread compound friction factor of 1.0. Complete Group does not endorse any specific thread compound and waives all responsibility in determining appropriate makeup torque values for any specific drilling circumstance. Modifying makeup torque values for any reason shall be done at the end users discretion and risk.

Tube Performance

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Calculations are based on uniform wall thickness and outside diameter – no safety factor has been applied. The information provided for inspection classes is based on uniform wear and is not intended to recommend or confirm operational limits of any used product.