Tubular Products

Leading supplier of drill pipe, heavy weight, and collars, including proprietary drill pipe and connection designs with a global support network.

Tubular Products

Utilizing broad industry experience in drilling, material sciences and advanced manufacturing, Complete Tubular Products (CTP) is creating products that meet and exceed the evolving needs of the industry. Whether it be through our innovative proprietary connections and drill pipe, our improved material selection and qualification, or our global support network and leading-edge inventory, we are driving the tubular market forward.

Our standard product

  • High torque proprietary double shoulder connections, including DUO
  • Proprietary drill pipe designs
  • 2-3/8” to 6-5/8” drill pipe
    • Grades E75, X95, SS95, G105, SS105, S135
    • High strength grades Z140, V150
    • Sour-service SS95, SS105
  • 95ksi Heavy weight drill pipe (HWDP) in any variation
  • Accessories Sales
complete tubular products

Top Drive Saver Sub

Preserves the life of top drive quill as the link between drill string and top drive.

Pickup Sub

Features an elevator recess under 18° tapered top cap as default; pin connection as required. Drillable option with box connection also available.

Crossover Sub

To crossover one connection to a different connection, available with standard or fishneck OD.

Bit Sub

Couples the BHA to the bit and houses the float valve used on top of drill bit.

Additionally, supply drilling accessories such as circulation subs, blow down subs, casing subs, lower Kelly cocks, stabbing valves, inside BOP, pup joints, cast steel thread protectors, all manufactured to API 7-1  or customer specifications.

complete tubular products

Material supply

Complete Tubular Products offers direct-from-mill material supply, globally sourced to ensure premium quality at competitive pricing. Provided solid, hollow, or drilled to size, with sizes ranging from 2.0″ to 14.0″ OD; saw cut to length as required.


  • Meeting or exceeding typical oilfield requirements such as:
    • NACE MR0175, API 5CT, API 7-1, 6A, NS-1 etc…
  • Steel Grades
    • 4130, 4140, 4145HTSR, 4330 V-MOD
    • L80, P110
    • Non-mag Stainless
  • Full MTR traceability



Beginning with education on connection and drill pipe design, best practices, and effective procedures, you can be sure you are receiving the product that meets your demands at a service level that can’t be equaled by the competition. Unique to the industry, we offer full-time engineers on staff to develop solutions to unique challenges found in the field, as well as provide ongoing operational support.


We provide:

  • In-house customer education
  • Custom-built downhole tubular
  • Proprietary material development
  • Customer-driven rotary shouldered connection design

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