du·o (noun) – A set of two things, who perform together as a pair;
       The beginning to the end of connection design


For too long, there has existed a clear and undisputable tradeoff between high torque performance and field handling for drill pipe threads: to maximize one property, the other would be compromised.

Put simply, DUO is the high torque rotary-shouldered connection the industry has waited for. The DUO connection breaks the trend and provides high torque capability meeting or exceeding the highest requirements today, while at the same time offering industry-leading deep stabbing and rapid spin-up performance.


The core innovation within the DUO connection lies in the industry’s first multi-taper thread design. Through the combined strengths of a two-taper thread, the DUO connection design stabs 3x deeper than shallow single-taper alternatives while at the same time delivering the same levels of high torque performance.

As a result of deep stabbing, the DUO spins up in as few as 4.5 revolutions, compared to up to 11+ revolutions for other high torque connections. Both of these characteristics are key in reducing non-productive time (NPT) on a rig thus saving time and money every trip in and out of the hole.


Linking the individual tapered threads of the DUO connection together are the Landing Pad threads. These specifically designed threads self-center the connection, absorb damage, and prevent damage propagation throughout the connection when it is stabbed and spun up. With effective and proper tubular handling, this innovation further assists in reducing recuts and prolonging tool joint life.

Due to the unique design of the DUO connection, in most cases, the landing pad threads are safely excluded from detailed inspection and are simply field-dressed. This enables the connection to get back into service immediately, saving time and cost on shipping and machine shop repair.

Learn more about DUO’s performance in the field through our DUO Connection Development case study.


The DUO family of connections encompasses a wide variety of solutions for drilling operations around the globe and features torque capabilities comparable to, or exceeding, other single-taper high torque connections while also far outpacing them in terms of field handling performance.

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