Proprietary Connection Licensing

Committed to ensuring a global support network for connection repair and manufacture
 for Complete’s DUO and CTP connections

Licensee Network

Complete Group recognizes the value of a trusted licensed connection repair facility in close proximity to our customers. Our growing Licensee network is built to provide an extension of the Complete service and support our customers have come to expect.

The reputation of a proprietary connection rests on the quality and attention it receives at a licensed repair facility. Complete Group Licensees are continually evaluated to ensure that the manufacturing capabilities of the facility are meeting all needs of DUO and CTP proprietary connections.

Complete Group’s Licensee Portal has been designed to provide Licensees with the most up-to-date information, drawings, and quality documents, providing our customers receive consistent high-quality accessories and repairs.

Licensee Criteria

Manufacturing Capabilities

Client Requirements

Quality Management

Customer Services

Licensee Application

Licensee Applicants are evaluated, on a facility by facility basis,  based on several criteria to ensure that Complete Group manufacturing procedures and policies are followed. Worldwide, applicant facilities are required to provide qualifying samples and documentation, under the guidance and assistance of Complete’s Engineering department.

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