Anti-Compression Element drill pipe technology


Complete Group has designed and developed the ACE™ drill pipe technology to extend the life of drilling tubulars when faced with even the most abrasive slim-hole drilling conditions.

The ACE™ center wear pad has been designed to strengthen the drill pipe tube where it needs it most, increasing wear resistance and eliminating early pipe downgrades due to tube wear.

The centralizing nature of the ACE™ wear pad increases the effective stiffness of the drill string, allowing for drilling straighter horizontal sections with reduced torque and drag caused by compression-induced bending and buckling.


ACE™ drill pipe eliminates traditionally welded tool joints, instead, an innovative integrally manufactured tube is upset and manufactured to exacting specifications. The wear pad is integrally incorporated to increase wall thickness where the pipe body needs it most, without the need for welding on the tube.

This results in an estimated 2.50x increase in drilling days until pipe downgrades, dramatically improving your return on drill string investment.



Because ACE™ tubulars are constructed from a high-grade one-piece blank (S135 or higher) having uniform material properties, your drill string can feature connections (such as our proprietary DUO connection) with strengths higher than ever before.

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ACE™ tubulars can be customized to meet the size, strengths, and connection requirements of your drilling operations. Get more out of your drill string and contact Complete Group to get started.

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