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 T000195 – Double Shoulder ID Bevel Dimensions – Accessories

CG.ENG.198 – Proprietary Connection Dimensions

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390 DUO

Thread Drawings:  T000258 390 DUO PIN T000259 390 DUO BOX

Inspection Forms:  CG.ENG.F.022 PIN 390DUO CG.ENG.F.023 BOX 390DUO

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400 DUO

Thread Drawings:  T000220 400 DUO PIN T000221 400 DUO BOX

Inspection Forms:  CG.ENG.F.022 PIN 400DUO CG.ENG.F.023 BOX 400DUO

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430 DUO

Thread Drawings:  T000222 430 DUO PIN T000223 430 DUO BOX

Inspection Forms:  CG.ENG.F.022 PIN 430DUO CG.ENG.F.023 BOX 430DUO

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450 DUO

Thread Drawings:  T000262 450 DUO PIN T000263 450 DUO BOX

Inspection Forms:  CG.ENG.F.022 PIN 450DUO CG.ENG.F.023 BOX 450DUO

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480 DUO

Thread Drawings:  T000268 480 DUO PIN T000269 480 DUO BOX

Inspection Forms:  CG.ENG.F.022 PIN 480DUO CG.ENG.F.023 BOX 480DUO

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CTP 23

Thread Drawings:  T000144 1 CTP 23 PIN T000145 CTP 23 BOX

Inspection Forms:  CG.ENG.F.022 PIN CTP23 CG.ENG.F.023 BOX CTP23

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CTX 39

Thread Drawings:  T000233 CTX 39 PIN T000233 CTX 39 BOX

Inspection Forms:  CG.ENG.F.022 PIN CTX 39 CG.ENG.F.023 BOX CTX 39




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